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Justification Differs from Sanctification

Heppe (Reformed Dogmatics) quotes from Wollebius:

Sanctification differs from justification (1) in genus; the righteousness of the former belongs to the category of quality, that of the latter to the category of relation; (2) in form; (a) in justification faith is regarded as a hand grasping the righteousness of Christ, in sanctification faith is regarded as the principle and root of good works; (b) in justification sin is removed only as regards liability and punishment, in sanctification it is gradually abolished as regards existence; (c) in justification Christ’s righteousness is imputed to us, in sanctification a new righteousness inherent to us is infused into us; (3) in degrees: for justification is an acting, one individual, perfect, happening alike to all; but sanctification is a successive act, gradually tending to perfection and, according to the variety in the gifts of the H. Spirit, more shining in some, less so in others.

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