Piety Quotations

The Heavenly Doctor

This of course was the title applied to Richard Sibbes. As the author of his memoir and editor of his works, A.B. Grosart observes, it seems to have come naturally to people to apply this epithet to him. Here are two lines from a sermon on judgment (The Church’s Visitation) which in their brief compass do much to explain why the adjective of “heavenly” was so appropriate for this man.

In the first quote he is explaining that judgment begins at the house of God, even though that may seem to encourage the enemies of God. According to Sibbes, this is why:

God’s love to his people is such, that he regards their correction before the confusion of his enemies.

And a little later on he makes a statement which allows us to see one reason among many why it is sane and rational to commit ourselves unto our faithful Creator:

Every Christian may truly say, God loves me better than I do myself.

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