Hermeneutical Considerations Opening Scripture Quotations

The Day of the Lord

Albert Barnes, Notes on Amos 5:18

“The Day of the Lord” had already become the name for every day of judgment, leading on to the Last Day. The principle of all God’s judgments is one and the same. One and the same are the characters of those who are to be judged. In one and the same way, is each judgment looked forward to, neglected, prepared for, believing, disbelieved. In one and the same way, our Lord has taught us, will the Great Day come, as the judgments of the flood or upon Sodom, and will people prepared or unprepared, as they were then. Words then, which describe the character of any day of Judgment, do, according to the Mind of God the Holy Spirit, describe all, and the last also.

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This is interesting and I’m sure quite right, that judgments are an ongoing display of Judgment, the power that will bring about the final resurrection and glorification. Shrouding oneself in Christ has always been the only possible means of preparation. A comforting thought, all in all.

Well, it ties in with my partial preterestic and idealistic progressive parallelism approach to eschatology and Revelation which leaves you comfortable with a sort of historicism.

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